Jobseekers’ Market…Says Who?!

jobseekers' market

I’ve read a number of articles lately where the writer seems to believe, strongly in fact, that we are currently in a jobseekers’ market. One of the articles that I read goes so far as to give advice for fielding the multiple job offers that jobseekers are sure to receive & need to choose among. … [Read more…]

American College of Emergency Physicians: The Worst Interview Mind-F**k I’ve Ever Had

American College of Emergency Physicians

This story is about the horrible hiring process experience I had with American College of Emergency Physicians and how they are the masters of suck when it comes to interviewing and hiring candidates.

Ye Olde Résumé Tips

résumé tips

Everyone that’s looking for a job has come across tons of articles about how to improve your résumé, what to include, what to avoid, etc. Some of this advice contradict one another but there are some tips that are universally accepted as résumé-writing gospel and I’ll share a few of my personal favorites