Change is a Good Thing

I know it’s been ages since there was a new post and for the 3 people who actually bother reading, I apologize. I tried to dedicate more time to posting, and I have a plethora of posts that are still just waiting to be published (and they will be…eventually). Truth is, I got disgusted with job searching and interviewing was trying my very spirit. It was about then that I decided it was time to change things up, stop searching and just…be. Well, just be and work on launching a restaurant with my amazingly talented husband. We expect to open our first location in October┬ásometime in 2018 because we’ve been online only and we realize we need to be in a storefront if we want to grow this thing to the next level.


That being said, life situations change and so do interests and personal missions. Now, don’t get in your feelings yet; I’m not going to stop posting about job search and interview shenanigans or throwing sun covering amounts of shade at the companies who dare to be worthy enough to post about.


BUT I’m also going to start posting about some other things.

It will be pretty random at times and that’s ok because it’s my blog and I can be random if I want to. So expect to see posts about whatever thing has preoccupied my thoughts enough to write about at the moment, from natural hair care to parenting teenage boys to being married for 16 years. It might even be about serious stuff like our country being led by #45, Black Lives Matter, what it’s like being an educated Black woman in America, or any other mess and nonsense in the news that scuffs my pumps.


I know change is scary and not all of us like change, but we’ll get through this together. Sometimes change is the best thing that could happen too! Everything and anything I want to write about is fair game and maybe the 3 of you that bother to read now will have some new additions! Or not…whatever.

Please share your tales of woe! All comments are moderated and grammar, spelling & appropriateness matter; be respectful of others!