5 Mistakes to Avoid on Online Job Applications

5 job applications don'ts

This post is for young adults looking for their first job and also for us well-seasoned, job search veterans too! Lemme tell you why: job applications are getting nosier than your Aunt Lois at Thanksgiving dinner asking you when you gonna get married and have some chil’ren. Job apps are all up in your business because: information. Chile, information is worth all the coins on the internets! Allow me to elaborate…

Jobseekers’ Market…Says Who?!

jobseekers' market

I’ve read a number of articles lately where the writer seems to believe, strongly in fact, that we are currently in a jobseekers’ market. One of the articles that I read goes so far as to give advice for fielding the multiple job offers that jobseekers are sure to receive & need to choose among. … [Read more…]

American College of Emergency Physicians: The Worst Interview Mind-F**k I’ve Ever Had

American College of Emergency Physicians

This story is about the horrible hiring process experience I had with American College of Emergency Physicians and how they are the masters of suck when it comes to interviewing and hiring candidates.