American College of Emergency Physicians: The Worst Interview Mind-F**k I’ve Ever Had

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write this particular tale of potential employer misconduct because it was so egregious and such a horrible experience that I was traumatized (and drunk off angerness) for a good 3 months afterwards. It did happen last year so I’ve gotten over it since but reliving it makes me realize that I’m still in my feelings just a little bit.

american college of emergency physicians

Once upon a time…

Gather around boys and girls: this story is about the horrible hiring process experience I had with American College of Emergency Physicians. The beginning of the hiring process was pretty typical: I did a phone screen and then was called in for an in-person interview for a Financial Analyst position (which was a really bad title for what was actually an Accounting Manager position) where I met with the American College of Emergency Physicians’ HR Manager and then with the hiring manager who was the Controller. I then was invited back for a second interview with the Controller’s boss (I think that was the CFO). Both American College of Emergency Physicians interviews went well I thought and I asked, as I always do in an interview, if they thought I’d be a good fit for the position, team and American College of Emergency Physicians as a whole. They both assured me that they believed I was a good fit and I had the experience and soft skills they were looking for. I was thrilled when I later started getting emails from the HR Manager to verify contact information for my references and later to verify my college and degree. That indicated to me, as it probably would to anybody, that American College of Emergency Physicians was conducting a background check before making an offer. So, I got that first verification email on June 18th and the last one on June 19th and then… nothing. I emailed on June 20th to ask the HR Manager if a hiring decision had been made yet and was told it hadn’t been but she would let me know as soon as it was. I heard nothing from June 20th until June 27th when I emailed again for an update and was told that no decision was made and that one of the hiring managers had been out of the office all week. I was assured that the HR Manager would touch base with the decision-makers the next week (the 27th was a Friday) and let me know. Then on July 1st, I got an email that the hiring manager had decided to continue looking for someone to fill the position because I wasn’t a good fit. Say whaaaaaat?

American College of Emergency Physicians



Please excuse my language but the only word that adequately describes that entire experience isn’t exactly for use in mixed company: it was a complete and total mind-fcku and I felt like I’d been royally screwed and my time had been wasted. Who in the hell keeps a candidate dangling for TWO weeks while giving every indication that a decision was going to be made quickly and in the candidate’s favor? American College of Emergency Physicians, that’s who! Did it really take them TWO weeks to decide that I wasn’t a good fit? Couldn’t they tell I wasn’t a good fit after the first interview or even after the second? I was verklempt and pissed off to the highest level of pissedivity!

American College of Emergency Physicians

Now, before you start thinking it: no, it wasn’t my references or anything in my background that derailed the job offer train. My references were people I had worked with and used as references before for jobs I’d gotten and also people I’m very close to and can trust; never mind the fact that my references said they weren’t even called. There’s nothing in my background or credit that’s negative either (I’m not a crazed serial-killing ax murderer, to my knowledge, nor a former resident of any involuntary detainment facilities and I’m obsessive-compulsive about my credit score). I didn’t lie on my résumé or on my application to American College of Emergency Physicians so I was at an absolute loss as to what could have gone wrong. I was so taken aback and caught unawares that I even ASKED if there was something in particular that caused the sudden reversal that I needed to know about since I didn’t want any other surprises during my job search. Of course, I was given the standard, legally safe and totally unhelpful pat answer that I just wasn’t a good fit. I appreciate you covering your ass and all but that certainly doesn’t help me very much now does it? 

There was nothing left for me to do but an epic wall slide into the deepest depths of my feelings because they had stomped all over my hopes and dreams…

American College of Emergency Physicians


Anybody else out there been a victim of the ultimate mind-fcku while job hunting? 


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  1. Michael Luke, Sr.

    Companies pride themselves on honesty and integrity, yet don’t practice what they preach. Its easier to screw over a candidate that you hope to never see again than simply tell the truth. We chose someone else, had to hire the boss’s daughter’s boyfriend, wanted to hire a single lady so the boss can try to hit on her,etc. Nobody deals the cards up straight anymore because it’s too easy to just ignore you and hope you’ll go away.

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