Vinli: The Sin of No Interview Follow Up

Don’t you just LOVE wasting an hour or more of your time interviewing and then not ever hearing back from the company? Yeah, me too and that’s why Vinli has earned this sternly worded letter:

Dear Vinli,

You’re a small business, right? Brand new start-up? This giving candidates the brush-off stuff is not what’s hot in these job searching streets right now. I applied to a Vinli job posting because I believed I was qualified and I guess someone there thought so too because your Lead Recruiter emailed and called me to set up a phone interview. I took time out of my day (and used my cell phone anytime minutes; yes, I am petty enough to mention that) to do the typical “walk me through your résumé” routine with him. I thought it went well and I was told that I would be notified after a decision was made on what candidates to bring in for interviews. If that had happened, I wouldn’t be posting this admonishment.

ignore me

See, I thought Vinli’s product was awesomesauce and that the company would be cool to work for, start-up or nah. I even went so far as to say that even if I didn’t get the job, as soon as your product was available, I would be waving my money in the air trying to buy it. Yeah, but no. I don’t care how cool the product or concept is, I won’t support a company that is so irreverent in their hiring process. If someone had merely taken 30 seconds to send an email that I wasn’t selected for an interview, I would have been so fine with that! Maybe I was over-qualified, maybe I wanted too much money, maybe I was too confident, maybe you didn’t like the sound of my voice; no skin off my nose.

So, I won’t be a Vinli employee nor will I be a Vinli customer nor will I be the word of mouth that brings in customers or potential employees because I was a Vinli candidate first and I wasn’t even important enough for a form “thanks but no thanks” email.


My disappointment in you is profound and I sincerely hope you DO BETTER!

Note: your product is still very cool though...

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